Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i'm back ;)

testing testing.....
lamanya tak blogging!!!
it has been more than 1year since my last entry
gosh, penatnya housemanship
sampai tak sempat blogging
ok just a short one today,
i'm sharing my latest addiction
do cherish it as much as i do ;)

p.s : blog ni ada follower lagi ke? heheh

Monday, March 7, 2011

stay with me baby?

i got back home at 5.45pm today,
tak tau nak makan apa today,
dah bosan dengan food luar,
so i dropped by kat mini-market condominium ni,
& bought few items to cook.....
today buat spaghetti favourite hubby, hehehe
Alhamudulillah ;)

oh ya, i met yun today, she came to PAC, scanning the lil' one inside her tummy, hehe
rindu yun, tadi dapat lepaskan rindu....
but she didn't look quite well, she just got back from Surabaya, visiting her father-in-law who was not in a good shape,
yun kata dia still ada hyperemesis, currently in her 12th weeks gestational age,
yun, jangan stress2 ok?
yun kena take care of the lil' one, take care of your health, nanti baby sihat ;)

hrm, out of nowhere this song keep playing on my mind,
love the movie, the the songs,
maybe sebab teringatkan yun, & how she misses her hubby (who's in Surabaya)
yun, ainul dedicatekan this song for you
be strong dear, i know you'll make it through *hugs*

Every night I pray
I'll have you here someday
I'll count the stars tonight
And hope with all my might
And when I close my eyes
You'll be right by my side
If I could only have one wish
You'd be the girl whose lips I'd kiss
All my only dreams

And when I close my eyes
You'll be right by my side
If I could have just one request
Stay with me girl I confess
All my only dreams

Any waking hour it seems
I only have you in my dreams
So every night I'll pray
I'll have you here one day
I'll count the stars tonight
And hope with all my might
That when I close my eyes
You'll be right by my side
If I could have just one request
Stay with me girl I confess
All my only dreams

ok, hubby ajak makan, hopefully spaghetti sedap,
encik nazawee, if tak sedap pun telan je ok? ;P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

courage, where are thou?

"courage does not always roar,
sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
'i will try again tomorrow' "
- author unknown-

i'm back, it's been a while since i last blogged,
things been tumbling down lately,
i've got extended in O&G department, it's hard....
i can't deny if i'm still STRUGGLING from it......

i planned to get pregnant after this O&G posting,
tapi rasanya terpaksalah membantalkan hajat tu dulu....
my younger brother's getting married in june,
saya redha if dearest dalila (his future wifey) gets pregnant before me.....

tiba-tiba rasa lonely kat O&G ni....
i miss my 2 buddies yun & pui kei in O&G,
missing aizuddin, ainiza, salwa, rizal, neehad etc etc
they are currently in paeds, surgical, medical - departments other than O&G,
yes, they passed O&G, & here i am,
all alone with the new batches which i'm still trying hard to fit in...

Alhamdulillah, i have dearest hubby, who always been there for me,
consoling me setiap kali saya balik nangis2 sebab kerja,
thank you Encik Nazawee,
jangan serik ya sayang.....
terima kasih ALLAH di atas pemberian ini....

i know i have lotsa readings to do....
i need the courage,
ya ALLAH bantulah hambaMU ini,
jangan biarkan aku berhenti di tengah jalan......

p.s: rindu family back in jb, rindu intan-aliah-ezee...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

a cook during the weekend~ ;)

a public holiday & 2days of weekend had turned me into a cook, hahaha~ ;p
well, i didn't cook throughout the weekend
but i somehow made an attempt to wake up early in the morning
preparing sahur for hubby & in-laws
(MIL, FIL & BIL came for the weekend)
Alhamdulillah, despite having to go to work at 6am during the weekend
i managed to make sure sahur was ready by 5am
as for berbuka, hubby preferred to buy juadah buka from bazaar ramadhan
cuma petang tadi je i told hubby that i wanted to cook
we've spent a lot this weekend, so i thot let me juz dig in whatever there is in the refrigerator & cook for berbuka
in- laws has gone back, thus leaving the two of us eating together for today's break fast

i know hubby loves steamboat........
i took this opportunity to use a new wok, it was a wedding gift we received from my dad's firm partner
we've been eating oily dishes throughout the weekend
so i thot a soup would be a remedy for our buncit stomache, hehehe

here are some photos i took while cooking for our buka just now ..............

what? banyak? i know!
kami bagi sket ke adik2 nursing student depan rumah, hehehe
Alhamdulillah with only 2 dishes sudah kekenyangan sangat
' gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati~'
yep, hubby definitely suka hati ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

u don't have to be a barbarian to drink this~

calling all JB residents!
in view of this hot hot hot fasting month,
u would be needing this!!!

dubai very own non-alcohol SPARKLING MALT DRINK,
it will definately quench those thirsty dried lips of yours,
slurrrrrrpppy slurp!
oh i see those drooling lips~~~

you can choose amongst these 7 fruity flavors........
& original malt!

or you can have each & every single of those flavors~~~~
u would be surprise to find how cheap the price is
(to compare with elite cafes & restaurants)
we would be very please to give u discount
if u buy in dozens or cratesssss!!!

so what are you waiting for???!!!
just run down to BAZAAR JB
& look for these two faces....

or dial up from your blackberry pad to order:
017- 7048342 (mr din ariff)
012-7494996 (mr asyeeq)

do add up BARBICAN JOY in facebook for more details!

oh ya, we will be taking orders for raya supply too
really hope to see u in bazaar JB~~
cheers all barbarians opst barbicanees! ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

pull the bull~~~

One of those topics that my MOs love to dig on us but nobody can answer in details

When do we use skin traction & skeletal traction?????

now let's dig & pull them out babeh~~~~

What are the purposes?

Traction is the use of a pulling force to treat muscle and skeleton disorders - usually applied to the arms and legs, the neck, the backbone, or the pelvis.

Traction can either be short-term, as at an accident scene, or long-term, when it is used in a hospital setting.

Traction serves several purposes:

  • it aligns the ends of a fracture by pulling the limb into a straight position
  • it ends muscle spasm
  • it relieves pain
  • it takes the pressure off the bone ends by relaxing the muscle

Positioning the extremity so that the angle of pull brings the ends of the fracture together is essential. Elaborate methods of weights, counterweights, and pulleys have been developed to provide the appropriate force while keeping the bones aligned and preventing muscle spasm. The patient's age, weight, and medical condition are all taken into account when deciding on the type and degree of traction.

Are there precautions?

People who are suffering from skin disorders or who are allergic to tape should not undergo skin traction, because the application of traction will aggravate their condition. Likewise, circulatory disorders or varicose veins can be aggravated by skin traction. People with an inflammation of the bone (osteomyelitis) should not undergo skeletal traction.

1) Skin traction
  • uses five- to seven-pound weights attached to the skin to indirectly apply the necessary pulling force on the bone. If traction is temporary, or if only a light or discontinuous force is needed, then skin traction is the preferred treatment. Because the procedure is not invasive, it is usually performed in a hospital bed.
  • Weights are attached either through adhesive or non-adhesive tape, or with straps, boots, or cuffs. Care must be taken to keep the straps or tape loose enough to prevent swelling and allow good circulation to the part of the limb beyond the spot where the traction is applied. The amount of weight that can be applied through skin traction is limited because excessive weight will irritate the skin and cause it to slough off.
  • Specialized forms of skin traction have been developed to address specific problems. Dunlop's traction is used on children with certain fractures of the upper arm, when the arm must be kept in a flexed position to prevent problems with the circulation and nerves around the elbow. Pelvic traction is applied to the lower spine, with a belt around the waist. Buck's skin traction is used to treat knee injuries other than fractures. The purpose of this traction is to stabilize the knee and reduce muscle spasm.

2) Skeletal traction

  • Skeletal traction is performed when more pulling force is needed than can be withstood by skin traction; or when the part of the body needing traction is positioned so that skin traction is impossible. Skeletal traction uses weights of 25-40 pounds.
  • skeletal traction requires the placement of tongs, pins, or screws into the bone so that the weight is applied directly to the bone. This is an invasive procedure that is done in an operating room under general, regional, or local anesthesia.
  • Correct placement of the pins is essential to the success of the traction. The pin can be kept in place several months, and must be kept clean to prevent infection. Once the hardware is in place, pulleys and weights are attached to wires to provide the proper pull and alignment on the affected part.
  • Specialized forms of skeletal traction include cervical traction used for fractures of the neck vertebrae; over-head arm traction used for certain types of upper arm fractures; and tibia pin traction used for some fractures of the femur, hip, or pelvis.

Traction refers to the usage of a pulling force and special devices, such as a cast or splint, to treat muscle and skeletal disorders. It is used to treat fractures, dislocations, and long-duration muscle spasms, and to prevent or correct deformities. The illustration above features several commonly used forms of traction. (Illustration by Electronic Illustrators Group.)

The illustration above features several commonly used forms of traction.

(Illustration by Electronic Illustrators Group.)

Do we need aftercare?

  • skin traction : make sure the limb stays aligned, and caring for the skin so that it does not become sore and irritated. The patient should also be alert to any swelling or tingling in the limb that would suggest that the limb has been wrapped too tightly.
  • skeletal traction : more complex - the patient is likely to be immobile for an extended period. Deep breathing exercises are taught so that respiratory function is maintained during this time of little activity. Patients are also encouraged to do range-of motion exercises with the unaffected parts of the body. The patient is taught how to use a trapeze (an overhead support bar) to shift on and off a bedpan, since it is not possible to get up to use the toilet. In serious injuries, traction may be continued for several months until healing is complete.

Are there risks?

  • skin traction: applied incorrectly and cause harm, or that the skin will become irritated.
  • skeletal traction: bone inflammation may occur in response to the introduction of foreign material into the body. Infection can occur at the pin sites. If caught early, infection can be treated with antibiotics, but if severe, it may require removal of the pin.

Both types of traction have complications associated with long periods of immobility. These include the development of bed sores, reduced respiratory function, urinary problems, and circulatory problems. Occasionally, fractures fail to heal. Being confined to traction for a long period can take a an emotional toll on the patient.


the loooooooooooooooong silence~

i'm back!
life has been verrrrrrrrrrry busy-busy-busy-busy lately~~~
plus kami baru je pasang internet.....
oh ya, happy ramadhan al-mubarak!
semoga ramadhan kali ini lebih baik dari yang lepas2
insyaALLAH amin.....

i'm really looking forward to blogging these days
nak share life as a houseman + being a wife at the same time
it's tough, seriously...........
Alhamdullilah i've passed my first department - paeds
currently i'm in ortho
tougher departments are about to come
i'm just hoping ALLAH will always be with me

gotta go, hubby nak pakai laptop
i helped him starting his own blog today
just can't wait to read his 1st entry, hehe ;D
talk later alligators, taa!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

alast, i'm the mrs. nazawee =)

penantian telah berakhir,
akhirnya saya boleh dipanggil Puan,
but i guess Mrs. Nazawee sounds better~~~ =)
i wanna take this opportunity to thank:
- mak, ayah & din, for all the patience, sorry sangat2 ain dah banyak menyusahkan...
- aunties, uncles & cousins, terima kasih banyak telah datang merewang since sebulan sebelum wedding, saya tak tau apa akan jadi if u guys were not around,
majlis ini takkan berjalan seperti yang diharapkan,
jangan serik ek?
- best buddies & friends, esp. intan, ezee, aliah,
adrin, azmah, dja,
thanks for all the prayers, semoga kalian cepat menyusul ;)
- relatives & friends yang datang dari jauh, kakpit & family, eddie, abot, ninie, k.nonie & family,
i do appreciate the effort, terharu~
- last but not least, semua yang telah hadir ke majlis perkahwinan saya,
baik di sebelah ainul atau nazawee,
& all the kind wishes i recieved thru sms or FB,
doakan saya menjadi isteri yang solehah,
& ikatan yang mulia ini kekal hingga ke akhir hayat,
insyaALLAH, aminnn

Friday, November 20, 2009

dear intan?

thanxalot for this info,
seriously kalau awak tak blog saya taktau!
saya pun teringin nak nengok!

eyh nak baca jugak ;D
p.s: lamanye tak blog! just can't find the time.... =(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

beyh royale?

tadi saya rasa sikit minum air ni..................

(photo courtesy of beyh royale)

i thot it's an overseas product,
rupa2nya orang johor yang buat,
it's a herbal drink
(read more about beyh royale herbal drink)
what can i say?
sedap ;D

p.s: tadi naik KL hantar mak dik & family di tabung haji kelana jaya, Alhamdulillah, dia 3 beranak are amongst those lucky Hamba ALLAHs yang telah dikurniakan rezeki & opportunity to perform Hajj this year, semoga selamat tiba di Madinah, & dikurniakan tubuh badan yang sihat sepanjang mengerjakan Haji...semoga mendapat Haji yang mabrur, insyaALLAH, aminnn....haiya, missing them oready =/

Monday, October 19, 2009

serap & serap & serap....!

oh interview spa dah confirm on the 23rd (friday)...
masa untuk belajar!
(lama dah tak guna otak untuk belajar, rasa lembapppp sangat!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my oh my, oh my dearie finger.....

di telinga saya masih terngiang2.....
dah banyak kali mak pesan if tutup pintu kereta bmw dia takyah nak hempas2 or tutup kuat2,
sebab pintu tu automatically akan tutup sendiri if pintu ditutup tak ketat.......
tadi ayah & saya ke hospital nengok ayah long admitted post-op cataract ocular sinistra,
jadi tadi mengingatkan pesan mak, di tempat parking kereta hospital,
dengan lemah gemalainya waktu dah turun dari kereta saya menolak pintu kereta,
jari2 saya berada di bahagian tepi pintu,
niat di hati konon2 nak dekatkan jugak bahagian tepi pintu tu ke rangka pintu,
" aaaaaaa ayah! jangan lock kereta dulu!"
hujung jari telunjuk kanan terjepit kat hujung pintu kereta,
lebeh dari setengah bahagian kuku dah masuk dalam ruang antara hujung pintu kereta ngan tepi rangka pintu kereta,
secara reflex, saya cuba menarik jari tu keluar dengan pintu yang masih tertutup~

ayah dah patah balik, terkial2 nengok 'kenapalah dengan anak dara aku sorang ni......'
then baru sedar yang saya terpaksa buka pintu dulu baru jari yang terjepit dapat keluar!
tangan kiri cepat2 menggapai tombol pintu kereta,
unleashing the door, saya menarik jari keluar!

jari dah keluar.........
nailbed dah biru..........
muka dah merah.............
mata dah berair....................

tapi saya tahan taknak nanges,
seriously sakit gile, tapi taknak nanges jugak!
ayah dah risau, tapi dia gelak lepas tu,
dia tanya nak gi ER tak.....?
ok that's not funny dear ayah, hahaha~
until now hujung jari telunjuk kanan saya masih berdenyut2.........
lengkap semua tanda2 inflammation ada; tumor, rubor, dolor, calor, functio laesia ec pain
tetiba saya terpikir, sedangkan jari yang bengkak dah sakit macam ni,
if patah macam manalah sakitnya ya?
ya ALLAH, ampunilah dosa hambaMU ini.... =/

Sunday, October 11, 2009

a wonderful wizard?

i love reading this blog
(walaupun selalu jadi silent reader je, ehehe)
i do admire the blogger....
teringin nak amek dia or her clan as my wedding photographer,
tapi macam tak mampulah.....
apa2pun i wish all the best to sue anna joe,
keep up the good work!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

satria cilik?

ya ALLAH rindu nak pergi ESQ...

nak pergi MCB, tapi tengah kumpul duit (nak pakai duit sendiri)...

i need to go for recharge!

boil those eggs?

pagi tadi mak suruh saya prepare half-boiled eggs for my brother's breakfast,
(since dia sorang je tak puasa today & he's on diet--->he lost 4kgs in 2weeks time!)
saya pun terpikir, brapa lama actually nak rebus telur?
so i googled up & found this:

How to Boil Eggs

Boiling eggs can be tricky because you don't find out whether you've done it correctly until you cut open the end product. Since the white and yolk cook at different temperatures, it can be difficult to get a solid yolk without an overcooked, rubbery white, or a tender, solid white without a liquidy, raw yolk. The underlying process is more complicated than most people suspect, with a wide variety of factors influencing how the finished egg turns out, but the following steps will help you get the results you're looking for.

1. Choose eggs based on the desired result. Fresh eggs are less prone to cracking because they have a low pH in the white, causing it to adhere to the inner shell membrane, essentially "sealing" it together. But, this also makes fresh eggs more difficult to peel. Eggs which have been refrigerated for several days have higher pH and are more likely to crack, but they're easier to peel. Instead of waiting for fresh eggs to get old, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda to a quart of water when cooking (which raises the pH and reduces adhering) but it might make the eggs taste slightly more sulfuric. Or, just cook fresh eggs a little longer and allow the white to firm up in fridge before peeling. If you're going to be cutting the boiled eggs in half, you might want to use the freshest eggs you can find, since they tend to have a more centered yolk and less likelihood of greening.

2. Lay the eggs gently in an empty pot. Some sources recommend making a shallow hole with a pin at the flatter end so that it'll let the expanding air escape thus reducing the chance of cracking but studies have shown this isn't a reliable technique. Adding salt will make the eggs easy to peel. Salt or vinegar to the water may help the proteins in the white coagulate faster so any cracks in the shell quickly get plugged.

3. Cover the eggs with about 1" or 2.5cm of salty water. If the water is cold, the eggs will take longer to cook. If the water is hot, though, you may risk the water getting too hot too early and overcooking the eggs (i.e. exposing the eggs to boiling temperature for too long).

4. Apply heat. Ideally, you should have a thermometer in the water and be able to monitor the temperature to keep it within a specific range. However, the general consensus among most sources seems to be to cover the pot, bring the water to a boil, and remove from heat as soon as boiling temperature is reached. Keep the lid on so that the water remains at slightly below boiling point. If you keep the eggs at boiling temperature, you risk overcooking the eggs, which overcoagulates the proteins (resulting in rubbery whites and dry yolks) and generates hydrogen sulfide in the egg. How long you leave the egg in the pot depends on how you want it to come out. Here are some recommended times to start with, but you may have to experiment, as the actual time required also depends on the size of the eggs, the number of eggs, the temperature of the eggs when they're placed in the pot, and the temperature of the water:

  • French oeuf a la coque "from the shell" - cooked 2-3 minutes; remains semi-liquid throughout.

  • Coddled or "soft-boiled" eggs - cooked 3-5 minutes; barely solid outer white; milky inner white; warm yolk; spooned from shell

  • Mollet eggs - 5-6 minutes; semi-liquid yolk; outer white is firm enough for shell to be peeled

  • Hard-boiled eggs - 10-15 minutes; 10 minutes for dark, yellow, moist and somewhat pasty yolk; 15 minutes for light yellow, dry, and granular yolk

5. Cool the eggs. To stop the cooking process, drain the hot water and replace with cold water. Add some ice cubes to the water and wait until the eggs are cool enough to peel and/or serve.

need a demonstration? here you go, hehehe~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

phobia 2?

balik ke bandung hari tu kami sempat nonton...
nengok cerita ni...
ok fine nengok cerita hantu, nengok ramai2,
balik rumah nanti ramai2 gak,
kat rumah tido sama2 sebilik,
so takpelah, tak takut kot, hahaha....
saya belum nengok phobia,
so i was wondering if i would understand its sequel....
budak2 ni kata phobia not bad lah, seram jugak,
tapi if tak nengok phobia takpe kot,
sebab it was a collection of stories,
cerita lain2, takda sambungan, so akan paham....
so oklah kan,
kami pun pergi nonton di pjv, tayangan 1930wib,
ramai jugak, but kitorang duduk separate sebab beli tickets last min,
it was full-house, tak sangka! hahaha
ezee duk ngan cepul (bf dia) belakang skali,
dayah (yg 1st time nengok wyg ni) duk ngan azmah, iema, farah,
belakang diorang myself, feela & aliah,
i was sitting next to feela, on my right was an indo guy,
best nya duduk position feelalah, sebab kiri kanan dia kawan2 sendiri,
if takut senang nak grab2 both & peluk, hehehe

ada 5 cerita,
paling kurang menyeramkan yg judulnya the backpackers
yang paling best yang ni.....
those guys are kinda cute! ;P
whatever it is, kami menjerit sekuat hati,
i was like covering my face with my tudung,
tudung a bit jarang, so could see through it,
badan dah menempel kat feela, sampai tertonggeng2 reaching for her,
sebab at the same time feela was menempel to aliah, hahaha~
then ada one part saya & feela sampai terhantuk kepala!

kami sedeh intan takda....
hope balik sumdok nanti kita dapat nonton bareng one last timelah!

Monday, October 5, 2009

msia-indo IV?

read here
apa kata korang gunakan semangan nasionalisme
korang tu pergi tolong kat padang?

msia-indo III?

pagi tadi saya ada baca berita kapal terbang tudm yang menjemput rakyat malaysia di padang telah dilempar batu oleh rakyat tempatan.....
boleh tak jangan bodoh sombong?
..."Bantuan Pemerintah Malaysia berupa Mie Instan, Selimut, Tenda dan obat-obatan terlihat dibiarkan menumpuk di sisi kiri bandara Minagkabaudan sangat menggangu lalulintas bantuan korban gempa"...... (Harian Kota, 2 Oktober 2009)
orang dah tolong tak reti nak bersyukur?
kenapa benci sangat dengan malaysia?
cuba baca ni;
..."Apakah dengan sok-sokan melakukan aksi 'sweeping' warga negara Malaysia
yang dilakukan di daerah Menteng, Jakarta Pusat yang (memalukannya) ternyata hasilnya nihil karena tidak ada satupun orang Malaysia yang lewat? Apakah dengan berorasi sambil menyebarkan spanduk dan pamflet bertuliskan 'Malaysia=Malingsia'? Apakah dengan sok-sokan bakar-bakar bendera Malaysia (sedangkan di Malaysia tidak ada satupun yang melakukan hal yang sama) tanpa pernah memikirkan efeknya pada hubungan bilateral yang sudah terjalin baik sejak dulu? Apakah preman-preman (ya, PREMAN, karena mereka bukan
aparat berwenang serta tidak punya dasar hukum yang kuat dan valid untuk melakukan sweeping sehingga lebih mirip tukang palak di terminal bis) kampungan yang melakukan sweeping ini memikirkan bahwa ada jutaan Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) yang bekerja di Malaysia dan tentunya ini akan berakibat buruk pada para pekerja Indonesia ini jika mereka dipulangkan? Karena saya yakin, preman-preman kampungan dan pahlawan-pahlawan pembela 'kebetulan' ini tentunya tidak akan pernah sanggup memberi makan (apalagi memberikan lapangan pekerjaan) kepada para TKI ini jika mereka dipulangkan. Ya, merekalah justru 'teroris-teroris' yang merusak citra bangsanya sendiri, yang membuat orang luar malas dan takut untuk datang ke Indonesia, yang membuat konser-konser musik mancanegara batal karena Travel Warning, yang membuat rupiah kita melemah, yang menyengsarakan rakyatnya sendiri.
Lebih sedihnya lagi, banyak aksi seperti ini dilakukan dan dimotori oleh 'mahasiswa' yang 'katanya' merupakan generasi intelek, generasi terdidik. Teman-teman mahasiswa, saya mohon dengan sangat: tolong jangan sampai kebablasan. Jangan keblinger. Jangan hanya berbekal pengalaman karena banyaknya revolusi fisik didalam sejarah negara kita yang terjadi karena dimotori mahasiswa, lalu kemudian menganggap bahwa segala-galanya harus diselesaikan dengan demonstrasi, dengan protes-protes fisik sampai konflik dengan aparat keamanan dan berakhir dengan tindakan-tindakan vandalis. Apapun itu, tindakan demonstrasi, protes-protes fisik dan (apalagi) tindakan-tindakan vandalis tetaplah menganggu stabilitas. Setiap manusia punya hak untuk hidup aman, tenteram dan tenang, teman-teman. Pikirkan mereka-mereka yang juga punya kepentingan yang lain diluar kalian,
karena demonstrasi-demonstrasi ini juga seringkali menimbulkan kemacetan lalu lintas dan keresahan sehingga mengganggu banyak sekali kepentingan. Lakukanlah dengan sadar dan bijak, prosedural dan tertata. Semua ada jalurnya, aturannya. Jangan hanya rusuh dan emosional saja. Jangan sampai kata 'intelek' yang menjadi label mahasiswa kehilangan 'in' menjadi tinggal 'telek'-nya. Ingat, tindakan-tindakan seperti ini TIDAK SELAMANYA efektif. Kalau kemarin-kemarin mungkin dirasa efektif, belum tentu hari ini. Jadi please, hati-hatilah, teman-teman mahasiswa. Karena reformasi yang keblinger, sesuci apapun tujuannya,
akan tetap menyengsarakan banyak orang.
Jangan perburuk lagi keadaan ini. Kasihan rakyat kita. Saya mohon.
ok, saya memang tengah emo,
sebab sepanjang saya duduk dekat indo (6 years ok!),
saya memang hormat masyarakat di sana...
apa pun yang saya buat, saya katakan,
saya tau kalian pun sama seperti saya,
hamba ALLAH, milik ALLAH,
no double standard....
saya tak pernah rasa malaysia lebih bagus dari indonesia,
infact saya belajar di sana dengan harapan saya dapat
menimba ilmu dari cerdik pandai mereka yang saya memang salutelah...
saya akui indonesians pintar2 orangnya, seriously!
mereka sangat bersemangat, bukan saja dalam studies,
but even in extra curricular activities, they're superb!
ok, frankly speaking, ada ke budak medic malaysia yang rata2
(i mean majority ok) yang excellent academically & at the same time
spending time hanging out with friends,
main gig, ada band sendiri yang practice at least once a week,
ada team bola or basketball or setaraf dengannya,
join modelling & so very passionate bout it,
ini belum termasuk sports activity yang mereka jalankan setiap petang,
i'm talking about medical students ya,
yang sudah menjadi lumrah orang mengatakan mereka nerds, kutu buku etc etc....
(rakan2 malaysians medic saya juga tergolong dalam golongan the so-called nerds itu....),
apa yang saya maksudkan di sini adalah,
medical students kat indo tak payah nak selalu duduk depan buku pun dah pandai,
pergi kuliah dengar doc cakap, attended skills lab & practical, then balik rumah / hostel,
bila kat rumah kadang2 tak bukak buku revise pun,
tapi exam score As, cum-laude!
they're intelligent mannnn, seriously!
tapi sedehnya, mana pergi kecerdikan yang
harusnya digunakan untuk berpikir isu- isu macam ni?
kenapa mereka menyalahgunakan semangat2 yang membara
itu untuk tujuan2 menghancurkan orang lain?
ok emo dah reda......
tapi tolonglah, tolong pikir baik2

Sunday, October 4, 2009

after 6years, sesat otw to pasar baru....?

memang pelik rasenye...
dah 6tahun duk bandung,
slalulah juga pergi pasar baru,
tapi last friday masa kami ke pasar baru,
(ayah, aliah, ezee & myself; ayah ikut ke bandung sebab ada kerja)
kami sesat!
maybe sebab kami sebelumnya sering pergi naik angkut,
maybe jugak route dah lain;
sering pergi dari sukajadi tapi haritu pergi dari dago....
ada lah nak 1 jam pusing2 sesat cari jalan....
di kala kesesatan itu.....

hehehe, peace aliah! *winkwink*

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i passed!

lulus dah kuliah kedokteran ni,
6years saya menantikan saat2 ini~
tinggal nak disumpah & konvo!
yeayea ;D
interview's coming,
starting the wishingsss & hopingsss again.........