Friday, October 31, 2008

gudbye dear neighbour?

once upon a time...
there live a lil' girl....

who believes that
the only true painful good byes
are the ones that are
never said and never explained

pak issak, my pet-bro who lives (now lived la kan?) next door came knocking on my room this morning
he's moving to a new house since kak awin, his wife & their son, dhani's finally coming to stay here with him (kak, good luck with the S2 course, make sure cum laude ok!*winkwink*)

p.issak, the artist~

he came to return my guitar that he's been keeping since he came here
for a second i nearly forgot that i once had this guitar, a cheap unbranded black guitar that id asked apek to buy for me 2 years ago

the guitar & the teddy

masa zaman kuliah dulu memang beriye sangat nak blaja main guitar
now dah clinical years (when days are getting busier day by day), memang tak sentuh langsung pun guitar tu....
tu yang on the first day pak issak came to bandung, i decided to lend him the guitar
daripada jadi barang perhiasan bilik, lebih baik bagi orang guna kan? hehehe
well now since mr. blackie is back (ye ke nama dia blackie? lupe! haha~), i think maybe i will have a new activity to release stress, MAYBE~~~~
to pak issak, kak awin & dhani : moga ada rezeki ya untuk kita ketemu lagi, & please please please, forget me not!
till then,

p. s: still missing that somebody who calls me his barney...

1st entry?

once upon a time...
there live a lil' girl......
who's s got eyes of innocence,
the face of an angel,
a personality of a dreamer,
& a smile that hides more pain than you can imagine...

a newbie blogging here
saja nak try post an entry
banyak lagi nak kene blaja ni
actually used to blog kat frenster
but lately decided to close the account
so m trying on blogspot....
urhm, my english might be a bit manglish + indolish
well, sy budak masih belajar (on everything!)
kalau salah, tolong2lah betulkan
till then,

p. s: missing that somebody who calls me his barney...