Sunday, August 29, 2010

a cook during the weekend~ ;)

a public holiday & 2days of weekend had turned me into a cook, hahaha~ ;p
well, i didn't cook throughout the weekend
but i somehow made an attempt to wake up early in the morning
preparing sahur for hubby & in-laws
(MIL, FIL & BIL came for the weekend)
Alhamdulillah, despite having to go to work at 6am during the weekend
i managed to make sure sahur was ready by 5am
as for berbuka, hubby preferred to buy juadah buka from bazaar ramadhan
cuma petang tadi je i told hubby that i wanted to cook
we've spent a lot this weekend, so i thot let me juz dig in whatever there is in the refrigerator & cook for berbuka
in- laws has gone back, thus leaving the two of us eating together for today's break fast

i know hubby loves steamboat........
i took this opportunity to use a new wok, it was a wedding gift we received from my dad's firm partner
we've been eating oily dishes throughout the weekend
so i thot a soup would be a remedy for our buncit stomache, hehehe

here are some photos i took while cooking for our buka just now ..............

what? banyak? i know!
kami bagi sket ke adik2 nursing student depan rumah, hehehe
Alhamdulillah with only 2 dishes sudah kekenyangan sangat
' gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati~'
yep, hubby definitely suka hati ;)

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