Wednesday, September 30, 2009

back to bandung?

will be in bandung for a while....
judicium besok, dapat result........
doakan semua lancar & saya lulus ya?
insyaALLAH, amin......

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

reaching the top?

On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain:
either you will reach a point higher up today,
or you will be training your powers
so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.
-Friedrich Nietzsche-


kenapa akhir2 ini saya makin 'ya ALLAH gerammmmmmmnye' dengan semua benda?
maybe juga akhir2 ni stress with judicium + interview + wedding preparation,
semuanya jadi begitu meluatkan, heh
ya ALLAH, selamatkanlah aku dari sifat hasad dengki + pemarah....

Monday, September 28, 2009

see yah in 1 month time?

this photo was taken last saturday evening,
venue bukit indah aeon mall....
i spent the whole weekend with him,
puas =)
but now he's back in KL.....
guess i'll see you in 1 month time sayang?
do take the greatest care of yourself,
coz i really really do....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

sushi raya king?

saya dah setahun tak makan sushi king
(can u believe it?! seriously ok!)
masa balik ramadhan hari tu dah terasa nak makan,
tapi nak berbuka luar agak melecehkan,
so tak sempatlah nak pergi makan....
nak jadikan cerita.....on the 2nd raya,
we went to tebrau city to buy few things for our small open-house,
suddenly i blurted out 'eyh tebrau city ada sushi king, lamenye tak makan...'
so yes, kami makan sushi king,
on the 2nd day raya!

(orang lain sibuk beraya makan makanan melayu rendang lemang ketupat etc,
kami makan japanese food, haha~)
sangat happy!
Alhamdulillah, thank YOU ALLAH for the rezeki =)
oh ya, saya tak sangka tebrau city sangat penuh with malaysssssss even on raya!

p.s : semalam jalan2 nengok cincin kat bukit indah mall dengan sayang saya,
ternampak sushi king jugak.....
i asked wether he liked eating sushi king or not.....
dia kata dia suka sushi king jugak, tapi mahal....
so i said takpelah, kita makan once in a bluemoonlah kalau gitu, ehehe

Thursday, September 24, 2009

iklan raya petronas?

i was waiting for a new petronas raya advertisement
malangnye takde......... =(
but this is my all time fav

until now, whenever watching this adv, mesti menetes airmata...



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wedding photographer?

setelah mendapat tahu photographer-come-staff-ayah tak available during my wedding,
tadi terkial-kial mencari wedding photographer,
aiyo! manyak pening!
got to know lotsa talented photographer

& ini punya abang saudara saya,
dulu bercita-cita nak amek dia,
tapi lambat sangat booking,
dia tersangat fully-booked!
haiya abang radin, manyak sedeh maaa ;P

Monday, September 14, 2009


m not feeling quite well today,
sedikit nausea........
perut macam rasa nak gastric.... =(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

ok boss?

ok, hari ni nak jadi budak baik........
buat en. azan,
sorry semalam saya dah buat awak murka,
tak dengar cakap awak......... =(
arini saya nak buat apa yang awak suruh,
jangan marah lagi ye?

p.s: budak baik? am i using the right term? dah tak 'budak' kot? hohoho~

Friday, September 11, 2009

nur kasih?

nengok trailer dia last two days membuatkan saya tertanya2
oh ni ke nur kasih, best sangat ke?
mak, aunties, cousins saya........
semua duk bercerita tentang cerita ni,
semalam belum dapat nengok sebab terawikh....

hrmmmm.......lepas ramadhan kot baru nak follow....

ikea's new stuff & staff?

last 2 days wahidy family bought 2 sets of ikea dining tables;
1 set untuk meja besar- 8 kerusi,
1 set lagi untuk meja kecik- 4 kerusi,
yang bestnye the new stuff came along
with 2 'professional' staff, hahaha~
these photos were taken during
pemasangan kerusi set meja kecik,
staff seorang lagi turut berperan sebagai photographer,
sorrylah ye the photos were blurrrrry, hehehe~

unfortunately one of the chairs of set meja
kecik tak cukup itemnya,
so kami pasang 3 kerusi je....
my dad called ikea KL, they said
they'll courier the missing item,
it was a great experience,
best juga jadi tukang pasang2 / tukang kayu ni~

our very own 'Pendatang Tanpa Ijin' ?

yes, they are 'pendatang tanpa ijin' to the wahidy's family,
meet batman, robin & olennnn....
oren (nama manja olennn), the youngest immigrant

robin, the batman's assistant

batman, the immigrants' chief

photos were taken by our very own professional photographer, mr. wahidy
for more photos, kindly visit
cheers! ;D

msia-indo II?

Baca ini :
Malaysia and the stolen Indonesian culture By MARIO RUSTAN (Jakarta Post)

Thursday September 10, 2009
AT FIRST I thought it was a slow news day. When a news programme was broadcasting an item titled “Indonesian culture robbed by Malaysia”, I watched it in mute mode, admiring scenes of Chinese girls eating laksa and going shopping, in another Malaysia tourism video.

The next day, the stealing claim seemed justified. The stolen culture in question was the Pendet dance from Bali, which in no way would reach Malaysia through shared Malayan culture or through Javanese and Bugis migrants.

Until today, voices condemning Malaysia are still being aired, with professors and political scientists saying Malaysia has no indigenous culture and thus has some sort of inferiority complex, and thus is stealing Indonesian culture.

Furthermore, many learned Indonesians sneer at Malaysia’s tourism slogan, “Truly Asia”, saying that it’s nonsense and proves that Malaysia has no true identity.This newspaper, however, pointed out that “Truly Asia” means that Malaysia is a one-stop destination for tourists wishing to see Southeast Asian, Chinese and Indian cultures.

Some Indonesian condemners may still be unaware of Malaysia’s multiple-ethnicities, while others may deliberately ignore it and feel more comfortable with the view that Malaysia is a Malay nation.

As for the Pendet case, it turns out the video was made by a private production house that just copied and pasted several fun tourism images, without any intention of malice.

I found proof about the “Truly Asia” slogan on my arrival at Kuala Lumpur: The taxi got lost and I couldn’t get through to my friend’s phone ­– at sunrise on an empty suburban road. I tried to ask for directions from several strangers.The first one were an elderly Chinese couple who didn’t speak English or Malay.The second were a couple of Indian garbage men who spoke broken English. The Malay taxi driver preferred to talk in English as our Malay dialects were incomprehensible to each other.Finally he got the address from a Malay youth.

I found the house in time for breakfast, ready to feast on wonderful Malaysian food, such as laksa and nasi lemak, and drinks like teh tarik and susu bandung.Many Indonesians in Malaysia must consume an unfunny old joke. In the courtyard before the Petronas Tower one night, my host said we should avoid the dark spots otherwise we could be robbed by “your countrymen”.

This newspaper had received some complaints from Malaysians that said the Indonesian media and people never talked about the violent crimes carried out by Indonesians in Malaysia.We retaliated by pointing out that Noordin Mohammad Top is a Malaysian national, and some have even gone so far to suggest that he was planted by the Malaysian government to ruin the Indonesian tourism industry.In fact, there is no culture war and no tourism war between Malaysia and Indonesia.

Malaysia’s biggest rival in attracting tourists is Singapore, and thus Malaysia’s promos offer similar things that Singapore offers – vibrant nightlife, glorious food, Formula 1 racing and great shopping experiences.Do our tourism promos cover those things? Malaysians count Singapore as their dreadful rival, and hardly think of Indonesia, which is on a different class.

Indonesia’s hatred for Malaysia has been around since the 1960s, probably earlier. Malaysia is the political opposite of Indonesia. It had good relations with its British coloniser, it is a federation, a parliamentary monarchy, and it is never interested in socialism.After peace returned with the creation of the Asean bloc, both governments tried to convince the people that Indonesians and Malaysians were brothers of the same stock.This effort held until the 21st century, when Malaysian economic progress left Indonesian behind, and more learned Indonesians are embracing Sukarno-style zero-sum nationalism.

The real story is still the same after 40 years – distract one’s woes by creating and hating a foreign enemy.As often stressed by other writers, some cultural items that we have claimed were “robbed” by Malaysia are not exclusively Indonesian.

Batik is a common throughout Southeast Asia, and a top batik brand wrote in its coffee table book that batik had been influenced for centuries by Chinese, Indian, Arabic, European and Japanese designs. Musical instruments like the angklung and gamelan are also common throughout South East Asia.Wayang is hardly Indonesian – the hide puppets originated from mainland South East Asia, and there are similar storytelling arts in China, Japan and Europe.
When Miss Indonesia dressed as Srikandi, she dressed as a Hindu – and Indian – character still revered religiously in India and Malaysia.

As for the disputed isles, I think it’s ridiculous if white collar men in Jakarta could get upset reading the news about Ambalat, and yet the next minute they are making backstabbing remarks about fellow Indonesians from outside Java.

Disputed territories are hardly unique – Japanese and Koreans fight over a rock and on the naming of the sea between their nation and Cambodia had an anti-Thai riot because of a temple located nearby the modern borderlines.

We claim Malaysia has an inferiority complex, and yet the problem is our own. Of course, Malaysia is guilty of ignorance and laziness in making its tourism commercials, but it’s pointless and confusing to dwell on one objectionable frame and continue to fuss about it.We accuse Malaysia of disrespecting us because deep inside we feel that our supposed “brother” has left us behind with its decent standard of living, global brands (eg Air Asia, Maxis, Petronas and Michelle Yeoh) and good investment reputation.

Russians have had similar problems with former USSR states, and Chinese netizens have grudges with the Japanese and Americans.In all three cases, past history is always offered for justification of hatred, as we’re closing in to 2010. But Malaysia is also having similar internal strife.

As its Chinese and Indian populations become more politically involved, harassment and foul plays also increase.Malaysian politicians have become increasingly comical and ridiculous in acting as defenders of Muslims and Malays, and its political and religious freedoms are far below Indonesia.Flying the Indonesian flag on your product and wallpaper, while condemning Malaysia on your Twitter and T-shirt, won’t solve anything.

Malaysia never thinks about those tourism commercials and they know that Noordin Mohammad Top is a Malaysian hiding in Indonesia because he couldn’t survive in Malaysia. We can accept that the crime rate in Indonesia is high – so it makes sense that many Indonesians in Malaysia are involved in violent crimes.

If you want more tourists to visit Indonesia, stop sending the message that you dislike foreigners. If you want Pertamina to become a global brand like Petronas, and to have Formula One held in Indonesia, study and follow their steps. If you find an item on the Internet demeaning Indonesia, ignore it and move on with your own priorities.

Stop getting so angry about trivial things so easily when we have potential to do great things for ourselves.
akhirnya, ada juga mereka yang pandai & boleh berfikir! ;D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

7 days to......?

yepp, 7 days to meeting my sayang,
& dalam 7 days ni juga i hafta loose 2kgs!
ayo semangat!

p.s: semalam lepak gile, balik umah 2330,
pagi ni sahur mata susah nak bukak,
lepas sahur tidur balik, 0900 baru bangun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

it's gonna be a busy busy day!

i've got lotsa things lining up to be done today
ehehe, excitedlah pulak~
malam nanti mesti teparrrr ;D


What sunshine is to flowers,
smiles are to humanity.
These are but trifles, to be sure;
but, scattered along life's pathway,
the good they do is inconceivable.
-Joseph Addison-

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my 1 & only local operation?

tempat : kamar operasi rsud soreang
operasi : clavus
jenis anestesi : lokal
operator : ainul
betul ke jadi operator ni?
haha, patut amek gamba tengah potong mata ikan tu kan?
ni nampak macam jadi asisten plak~
actually susah gak nak potong2 ni
dahla salah teknik potong masa tu, hahaha ;P
whatever it is, Alhamdulillah,
i managed to get the opportunity to operate a minor operation
tqvmuch dr. arief guntara SpB for guiding me,
happy =)

have a safe journey!

ayah's on his way to KL
azan's mas-kl-sabah-flight's departing at 0900
have safe journey my sayangssss
semoga ALLAH memberkati perjalanan mu
insyaALLAH, aminnn

meeting old friends?

Don't want to leave,
but we both know sometimes it's better to go.
Somehow I know we'll meet again,
not sure quite where and I don't know just when you're in my heart,
so until then, smile,
don't want to cry saying goodbye."
-The Muppets -

semalam adalah malam pertama saya berterawikh bersama keluarga
& semalam jugalah malam pertama saya berterawikh 20 rakaat untuk puasa kali ini
(kat indo buat 8 rakaat je, tu pun buat sendiri, sebab selalu balik habis buka, penat malam cepat gile kong, hehehe)
& semalam juga adalah kali pertama saya berterawikh di surau kg. mohd amin, JB
saya tanya mak, kenapa tak pergi masjid sultan abu bakar macam biasa,
dia kata surau ni best, ada air-cond, & tak jauh sangat dari umah,
ok alasan boleh diterima, hehehe
rupa2nya mak nak saya jumpa kawan lama saya.......

skarang JB ada dato bandar baru, & kawan lama saya tu anak dato bandar tu
nama dia ayla zafira, dulu satu sekolah rendah,
walaupun macam tak pernah sekelas, saya ingat lagi orangnye
sebab dulu dia cute, rambut pendek macam tomboy, suara serak2 sket, & berani orangnye =)
saya pun takde kawan lain bernama ayla, selain dia, hehehe
& yet, masa jumpa malam tadi i was like :
eyhhh, ayla!

sebelum ni mak pernah cerita, anak dato bandar dulu sigs rendah gak (sigs = sultan ibrahim girls' school);
mak : anak dato bandar sama batch ngan akak (akak = my family calls me akak), tapi mak lupa nama dia.... (mak just bagitau nama ayah dia)
me : ooo, urhm, if tau nama mesti akak kenal, hehehe

malam tadi:
me : eyh ayla!
ayla : eyh dah balik dah?
me : oh, aah, balik semalam ikut singapore (dia tau i was coming back for good)

*borak borak borak borak*

surprisingly banyak rupanya dia tau pasal saya,
& masa tu jugaklah mak bagitau ni lah anak bos mak, anak dato bandar
saya tau ayla was goin to australia suatu ketika dulu
tapi lupa buat degree ke masters, sorry ye ayla ;)
she's now working in iskandar invesment

bercakap pasal kawan lama ni, semalam jugak saya 'jumpa an old friend'
actually he's not directly my friendlah, he's a friend of my fiance
he sent me for a friend request few days ago
since semalam tengah facebook-hopping, i looked into his profile
tengah nengok2 photos dia: eyh macam kenal je this guy.......
so i buzzed him at facebook,
investigate punya investigate, rupa2nya dia dulu mengaji dengan nenek saya
haha, what a small world la kan!

hrm, tiba2 rindu nak jumpa kawan2 lama.......
esp. kurshians co2000
rindu..... =/


Baca ini:

Rakyat Malaysia Di Jakarta Diancam Dengan Buluh Runcing
By: Ramjit-->
JAKARTA, 8 Sept (Bernama) -- Jabatan Penuntut Malaysia di sini Selasa ini menasihati semua pelajar Malaysia di seluruh Indonesia supaya sentiasa berhati-hati memandangkan kebencian segelintir rakyat negara itu yang semakin memuncak berikutan penyebaran pelbagai fitnah oleh media massanya kebelakangan ini.Jabatan itu telah menghantar khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) bagi menasihati semua pelajar Malaysia di sini khasnya agar jangan sekali-kali melalui Jalan Diponegoro bagi mengelak kejadian yang tidak diingini.

Kebencian mereka itu memuncak kepada tahap yang serius dan menakutkan berikutan media tempatan baru-baru ini menyiarkan berita dan visual lebih 360 sukarelawan ilmu kebal yang dilaporkan sudah mendaftar dan bersedia untuk mengganyang Malaysia.Kebencian mereka itu memuncak lagi apabila hari ini terdapat sekumpulan orang yang menggelar diri mereka sebagai Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (BENDERA) mula bertindak liar dengan mengugut rakyat Malaysia dengan buluh runcing di Jalan Diponegoro.Dilaporkan bahawa 50 anggota BENDERA yang bersenjatakan buluh runcing (buluh yang ditajamkan hujungnya) memaksa orang ramai yang melalui jalan itu menunjukkan tanda pengenalan mereka dan jika kebetulannya orang berkenaan seorang rakyat Malaysia maka orang itu akan terus ditahan.Tindakan mereka mengambil undang-undang di tangan sendiri dilaporkan media massa online tempatan termasuk detikcom.

Sebelum ini pernah rumah kediaman yang disewa pelajar Malaysia di Universiti Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta dibaling telur busuk oleh kumpulan yang berdemonstrasi terdiri daripada sekumpulan mahasiswa tempatan kerana marahkan Malaysia yang difitnah sebagai mencuri tarian Pendet yang berasal dari Bali.Berikutan isu itu yang terus diapi-apikan media massa tempatan dan dikaitkan pula dengan isu-isu lampau yang diungkit semula, beberapa kumpulan rakyat Indonesia juga berdemonstrasi di depan Kedutaan Besar Malaysia di sini.

Walaupun penafian telah dibuat bahawa Malaysia tidak pernah "mencuri" tarian itu untuk iklan video klip promosi pelancongan negara yang sebenarnya dibuat sebuah syarikat swasta yang berpejabat di Singapura, namun hakikat itu "jatuh ke telinga yang tuli dan mata yang buta".Anehnya, sebuah stesen TV yang baru saja menyiarkan program dialog di mana seorang pegawai tinggi Kementerian Luar Indonesia memberikan penjelasan bahawa Malaysia tidak pernah mengakui Pendet sebagai tarian berasal dari Malaysia, namun stesen TV yang sama juga kemudian mengulangi lagi tuduhan yang serupa.

Laman web okezone pula melaporkan bahawa anggota BENDERA ada memeriksa lebih daripada 100 orang.Bagaimanapun, detikcom melaporkan bahawa tiada seorang pun rakyat Malaysia yang kebetulan melalui jalan itu dan tindakan yang dikatakan akan dilakukan selama sejam, berakhir hanya selepas setengah jam.-- BERNAMA

ok, sebelum ni saya malas nak sentuh isu msia-indo ni,
walaupun kat hospital saya sering disindir2 tentang isu 'malaysia maling' ni
saya tak marah semua indolah, sebab saya tau tak semua orang kurang waras macam yang kat atas tu....
(i've got nice & understanding indo friends, walaupun ada jugak yang turut menyindir, tapi saya pahamlah kenapa,)
but seriously, diorang ni takde keje lain ke asyik nak mencari salah orang lain,
saya tau diorang banyak masa lapang, apa kata gunakan masa terluang tu mencari kerja yang lebih berfaedah, seperti membantu mangsa gempa yang tinggal di penampungan tu, hehehe ;P
& to pemerintah malaysia, tolong jangan ambil 'sepele' isu di atas itu,
things are gonna be very very nasty there i told you....
saya tau hal terburuk is not impossible to happen in the near future, seriously diorang berani buat apa yang diorang cakap nak buat, seriously!
bak kata my friend kiera, takkan nak kene tunggu ada rakyat malaysia kena tetak baru nak buat sesuatu? haih~
to those malaysians who are still in indo, saya doakan kalian sentiasa di bawah perlindungan Yang Maha Esa, aminnnn

Monday, September 7, 2009

my sister's keeper?

yes, i would like to watch this movie
although i'm kinda a fan of jodi picoult
saya belum pun membaca buku itu....
better baca novel or watch the movie first?

oh ya, m back in malaysia oready~~~
home sweeeeeeeet home bebeh! ;)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

praying hard...

makin nak balik,
makin banyak cobaan....
Ya ALLAH, lancarkanlah urusan hambaMU ini.....